Greece Itinerary: A Romantic Week in Paros - 2023

Jess Watts
11 min readJul 18

How couples can spend one, two or five days on this Greek Island

Is Paros worth visiting for couples or a honeymoon?

Hey! I’m Jess, and for more than a decade I’ve worked in advertising making commercials for brands like MGM Hotels and Casinos, Southwest Airlines and Expedia. Which, as you can probably (ad)venture a guess, means I love to travel.

This Paros itinerary is for you if you like what I do in a vacation: not-overly-touristy or clubby, affordable activities and a few memorable moments of splurge, really good eating, and taking in the local culture at a leisurely pace. I also love a plan where the key details (i.e., how do I get there?) are sorted out, but leaves from for discovery.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

I had the pleasure of spending a little over a week on the blue jewel of the Cycladic islands, Paros, in April-May 2023— a second visit there for my husband and I. I’ve put together an audit of Paros, Greece activities, the best beaches in Paros, the best restaurants in Paros, and generally a complete guide to the Greek island for a fabulous couples romantic getaway or honeymoon. If you’re island hopping you can do the highlights (Parikia and Naoussa) in one or two days, or if you have more time, all five days.

Getting there: Athens > Ferry to Paros

Unless you’re island hopping or paid a mint to fly directly into Paros’ small airport, it’s likely you’ll be starting your journey at the Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos). If not, skip down to Day One.

If you’re traveling light, go directly to the ferry terminal (Port Piraeus) from the airport via subway for only 10euro (journey: easy, ~hour and a half). Alternately, you can easily grab a taxi which runs about 50–70 euro (more at night, and often extra per bag). With unpredictable traffic, it tends to take as long as the metro.

I like to leave cushion and spend the day adjusting in Athens with the first ferry out the next day (I recommend Athens4 Hotel, they even pack you a goodie bag of breakfast for early AM ferries); but if you can’t wait to get to your island, check the ferry schedule and leave some room for flight or transport delays; in high season (June-Sept) you’ll have…

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